One Lipstick, Many Ways

I am only a student so of course I won’t be able to afford one whole drawer of lipsticks like what you see of beauty bloggers and Youtubers. Thus, to get a variety of different looks, you can try different ways of wearing the same lipstick rather than buying a whole load of lip products. You can even try mixing colours to get your own unique colours. Here are some ways you can try to wear your favourite lip product:

  1. Bold lips

Simply glide the colour all over your lips and use a lip brush to apply the colour along the lip line. Otherwise, you can use a lip liner of the same colour to draw along your lip line. This will give you a very defined lips.

2. Gradient lips

Apply concealer on your outer lips and apply the lip colour on you inner lips.Rub out the colour from the inner to the outer part of your lips to get a gradient effect.

3. Soft, feminine lips

Apply the lip colour all over your lips. Use a clean lip brush or a Q tip to rub along your entire lip line. This will soften the edges to give a soft, feminine look.

4. Natural lips

Apply the lipstick on a sponge then dab the sponge all over your lips. This will lower the intensity of the colour to give a more natural look.

5. Dimensional lips

Create an ‘O’ shape with your lips and dab the lip colour on. This way, it gives your lips a bit more dimension without being too harsh.

With just one lipstick, you can create a different look throughout the week. This will probably help you save a bit of money since you don’t have to get so many lip products out there.

What’s  your favourite way of wearing a lip colour? Leave your comments down below!


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