What colour do I use?

Have a ton of lip colours but don’t know when to use what? Here’s some suggestion of what you can use for a certain occasion or for a certain look you will like to rock:

For a sweet romantic date:

Pink might be the colour you are looking for if you are going for your date. A sweet light pink can enhance your femininity while hot pink can add a tinge of playfulness.

For an interview:

For an interview, there can be two looks you want to go for. If you want to look more mature or professional, try wearing a classic red lip colour. Rocking a red lip will not go wrong if you want to look more serious. Otherwise, you can try a nude lip colour for a clean cut look. By looking clean and neat, you seems more ready for any role you are about to take on.

Hitting the club:

There is no better time for you to rock a dark shade burgundy. Rock that maroon colour to show your personality and go wild under the lights.

Outdoor fun:

Under the sun, a coral or orange lip colour can be a good choice to showcase the outgoing side of yours. Orange can give you a flush of healthiness and freshness under the sun.

Extra tips:

If you have a rather dark skin tone, avoid using dark orange lip colour as it will make you look even more tan and it is definitely not the healthy kind of tan.

If you have very fair skin tone and love nude lipsticks, choose a pink base nude lipstick to avoid looking sick and frail.

If you want to use burgundy or dark lip colour in the day, use a brown eye liner instead of black to soften up the look.

Hope these tips are useful for you in selecting your lip colour!


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