Liquid Lipstick

Recently, I bought two liquid lipsticks and I got to say I love it. For those who have not try liquid lipstick, go give it a try!

What I love about liquid lipstick is the matte finish. Personally, I really dislike the glossy finish because it looks like there is a thick layer of oil on your lips and it looks gross to me. This is why I prefer the matte finish, a really clean look. Liquid lipstick gives a matte finish without drying out your lips, which is really good because I have dry lips.

I also love the pigmentation of liquid lipstick. It is highly pigmented like your regular lipstick, giving a very clear colour and bold finish. If you love something really bold, then liquid lipstick will be the product you are looking for rather than lip tint.

However, I feel that liquid lipstick is more difficult to apply than your regular lipstick and lip tint. for your regular lipstick, it glides on smoothly and you don’t have to be afraid of getting too much product on your lips because you can manage the amount easily. For lip tint, even if you were to put too much product on your lips, the colour will still turn out fine. For liquid lipstick, it feels very clumpy if you put on too much product and it is more difficult to control the amount of product on the applicator. Thus, it may require a bit more effort to use liquid lipstick.

The thing is, when you take out the applicator, it is good to rub the applicator on the side of the bottle to remove the excess product. Also, moisturise your lips before using a liquid lipstick. Because of the matte finish, the fine lines of your lips can be seen very clearly if your lips is too dry.

So here’s my take on liquid lipstick. It is currently my favourite lip product!

What’s your view on liquid lipstick? Leave your comments down below!